Centre and Church


The Brixworth Centre occupies the former site of Brixworth School.

There has been a School building in the village since 1665, when Thomas Roe left a piece of land on the Scaldwell Road for the education of 10 poor children from Brixworth and 10 from Scaldwell.

In 1811 The Roe Trustees built a school on The Green, this building is now the All Saints Church Heritage Centre.

In 1844 a replacement school for 80 children was built by Miss Andrews who continued to fund the school until her death in 1851. This site is now occupied by the Uplands Centre.

It was not until 1870 that the school was built on the site now occupied by the Centre:  the school was extended in 1894 and remained there until the new school building in Froxhill Crescent was opened in 1973.

Following the move to the new School, the building was taken over by the County Council Youth Section.  During 1975 Brixworth Centre Management Committee was formed to look after the hiring of the building on behalf of the County Council.

During 1997 the Management Committee  became a Charity and following lengthy negotiations with the County Council secured a 60 year lease for the building.  During 2004 the Centre was refurbished with the help of a sizeable grant from SITA (the landfill organisation).

The Centre is now in a position of stable management with five trustees overseeing the work of the Management Committee and The Trustees are now working on fundraising schemes to further improve the Centre.